Gaelcast 2

Fhuair mi teachdaireachd bho Liam aig Gaelcast an dé! 'S e rud feumail a th'ann am blogsearch bho Ghoogle, nach e? Mar sin, sgrìobhaidh mi beagan mur deidhinn a-rithist.

Dh'éisd mi ris na prògraman a rinn iad 's bha e glé inntinneach. Anns a' chiad prògram bha iad a' bruidhinn ri daoine aig a' chiad Mhòd sna Stàitean Aonaichte agus ri Coinneach MacIomhair (bho Radio nan Gaidheal). Bha Coinneach a' bruidhinn beagan ro luath 's cha do thuig mi móran. Éisdidh mi a-rithist ge-tà agus 's dòcha gum bi e nas fhasa a bhith ga thuigsinn. Ach, mar a tha fios agaibh, chan e ach neach-ionnsachaidh an th'annam. Mar sin, mas e neach-ionnsachaidh a th'annad cuideachd, tha mi den bheachd gum bi na "podcastan" feumail dhut. Bu chòir dhuinn éisdeachd ri Gàidhlig nàdarra cho tric 's a ghabhas agus tha mi cinnteach gum bi na prògraman seo gar cuideachadh. Mholainn na prògraman gu dearbh -- gu h-àraidh am pìos mu dheidhinn am "piper-sniper"... :-)


Aig 24/9/05 23:35, thuirt Blogger Graisg...

Saoilidh mi gur e pod a dhith orm :-(

Aig 25/9/05 00:29, thuirt Blogger Cadalach...

'S urrainn dhut éisdeachd le Winamp no prògram eile mar sin (Uill, ann an Uinneagan co-dhiù). Chan eil iPod agam! (Tha mp3-cluichadair eile agam, ach cha bhi mi ga chleachdadh airson na prògraman seo.)

Aig 4/11/05 16:54, thuirt Blogger Rhys Wynne...

Diolch am y ddolen at (thanks for the link to) Smiling under Buses.

It looks like the Gaels are ahead in Podcasting. I'm not very technical minded, but a few people are having a go at setting up Welsh podcasts at the moment.

If you're at all interested, Here's some site links (although they're in Welsh it worth having a stab at a few links!)
Cliciwch yma i wrando = Click here to listen
(a collection of Welsh MP3's by bands and DJ's)

Aig 6/11/05 20:01, thuirt Blogger Cadalach...

Tapadh leat 'son sgrìobhaidh, Rhys. Tha e math a bhith a' cluinntinn mu dheidhinn stuth' ùir mar sin a tha a' nochdadh ann an cainntean eile mar a' Chuimris no a' Ghàidhlig. Cha bhi mi gan tuigsinn, ach éisdidh mi ri podcast no dhà air an t-seachdain sa. Ma dh'fhaoidte gum bi an ceòl a' còrdadh rium... :-)

O, fhad 's a tha thu ann, am faca tu a' chiad bhlog sa' Chòrnais. Ma dh'fhaoidte gun urrainn dhut beagan dheth a thuigsinn?

Thanks for writing Rhys. It's good to hear about stuff like that that's appearing in other languages like Welsh or Gaelic. I'll not understand them, but I'll listen to a few of the podcasts during the week. Perhaps I'll enjoy some of the music... :-)

Oh, while you're here, have you seen the first Cornish blog. Perhaps you can understand a bit of it?

Aig 9/11/05 15:01, thuirt Blogger Rhys Wynne...

Sadly I can't understand the blog Kernewek any more than the blogs in the other Celtic languages :-(

I've just come across Wikiblogcom. It would be good to have a category on it like 'Celtic Blogs' or something, so if someone comes across a blog in Welsh (aw my gawd a blawg in Welsh!), they also come across one's in the other languags and vice versa.

Aig 11/11/05 13:47, thuirt Blogger Cadalach...

Hi Rhys,
A Welsh friend of mine said that he could decode some of the Cornish blog once he knew a bit about how the orthography worked. Stuff like Cornish "dh" corresponds roughly to "dd" in Welsh... Still, he couldn't get very far with the details.

You're right too that some kind of cross-advertising between the different Celtic blogospheres would be a good idea -- anyone got any more ideas about how we could do more with this kind of thing?

Aig 11/11/05 14:54, thuirt Blogger Rhys Wynne...

I can make out a few Cornish words like the days of the week, numbers etc, but that's about it.

With regards to cross-advertising, I've just put my blog up on wikablog:

I've created a new category called 'Blogs in Welsh'. It would be easy to create another one called 'Celtic language blogs'

There's a Welsh language Blog aggregator called Blogiadur: The same guy set up an aggregator for English language blogs from Wales called

Once he set it up, it's easy to change it to another language. if you're interested he might well send you the code. He's be very kken I'm sure. His name's Aran (aran AT If there was a blogring/aggregator for Gaelic blogs (and other Celtic langugae blogs), then we'd all be able it include it's button on our (Welsh) blogs and vise versa - the fact that we can't read each other's blog doesn't matter as we're all in a similar situation, trying to promote our own langugaes in any way possible.

Aig 11/11/05 15:43, thuirt Blogger Cadalach...

Thanks Rhys,
I'll have a look into this. Also, perhaps I should have mentioned Graisg's Liosta. When he found out about Bloglines he set up this public list and he maintains it very well. However, it'd be better to have something to which new bloggers could submit thier own blogs, thus making things less dependent on one person. (Not to say say that Graisg's doing anything but a great job.)

And yes, the fact that we can't read each other's blogs is no reason at all not to do a bit of advertising for each other :-)

Aig 11/11/05 17:55, thuirt Blogger Cadalach...

Ah, I understand this aggregator business better now. It's basically another blog which draws its articles from other parts of the blogosphere. Bloggers still post to their own blogs, but what they write also appears on the aggregator blog automatically. This sounds like a good idea to me. And it'd be a bit better than the Liosta since that doesn't show when there's anything new on any given blog. I'll certainly look into this further.

Oh, and I've written to Aran too, so hopefully we'll see what he has to say about the idea. :-)


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